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Elevating the Employee Experience With Machine Learning and Workforce Analytics

  • モデレーター
    • Greg Pryor / SVP, People & Performance Evangelist (Workday)
  • パネリスト
    • Marcus Erb / Vice President, Data Science & Innovation (Great Place to Work)
    • Perri Ma / Global HCM Analytics and Operations Leader (Warner Media)
    • Chase Rowbotham / Head of People Analytics (Genentech)

The employee experience has increasingly become a focus for many. But it’s not as easy as catered lunches, free snacks and weekly happy hours. HR leaders must work harder to create an ideal work environment where employees can operate at their highest potential. The rise of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics has made it possible to detect hidden patterns and anomalies in workforce data, including areas where companies do well and where they can improve. Leveraging these insights, HR leaders can create more personalized experiences for their employees to ensure that workplace learning, career development and career coaching are more targeted to individuals’ needs. Hear how leading-edge HR organizations are using machine learning and workforce analytics to elevate the employee experiences at their organizations.

いずれの会社もHCM上のデータやその他のデータを利用して分析や、施策のA/Bテストを行なっているそう。 また、個人情報に関する法整備が進む中で、どうデータを守り、また利用にオプトインさせてもらうかという点などを話していました。個人情報の保護は当然として、それでもデータを活用していくには、利用する側/される側の信頼関係が必要とのことでした。