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【#HRTechConf】タレント2025: タレントマネジメントの未来


Talent 2025: The Future of Talent Management


  • Speakers:
    • Theresa Damato / CMO (SABA Software)
    • Andrea Miles / VP, Digital Content (Saba)

In 2025 your talent pool won’t be defined by any particular people attributes, because “talent” transcends age, gender. Nor will it be defined by any cohort of people sitting in your offices. Tomorrow’s talent spans your FTEs and PTEs, freelancers, contingent and gig workers, to include your customers, partners, robots and a crowdsourced team of side hustlers scattered on every continent – fully distributed and working on their own timelines. In a changing world we know that people will continue to seek out people – to be human, tribal, and connected – because change brings uncertainty and we seek reassurance, guidance, and alignment. We also know our best work is often as part of a collective, from building pyramids to building new applications. So what tenets of managing people will stay the same? How must talent management be reimagined? What role will technology play in underpinning a new dynamic between people and their organizations? Cast your thoughts beyond the conventional social contract between company and employee, and explore how tomorrow’s talent technology isn’t just in the flow of work, it is part of the work.


  • すべての人にはオリジナルのストーリーがある


  • 未来にはよりスマートなタレントマネジメントシステムで才能を発揮させるプラットフォームが当たり前になる


  • というのをSabaは考えている