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Nine Lies about Work」の著者のキーノートセッションを聞いてきました。


What Truly Drives Engagement Around the World

  • Speaker: Marcus Buckingham / Head of Research, People & Performance (ADP Research Institute)

As an internationally renowned thought leader NYT bestselling author and Talent expert Marcus Buckingham has dedicated his career to understanding what creates high performance and engagement in the workplace and sharing that with the world. Observing the inconsistency (and often the shocking toxicity) of the Talent practices within some of the world&rsquo s most prestigious companies led him to take an in-depth look at the lies that pervade our workplaces and the core truths that will help us change it for the better. With insights from his ninth and latest book Nine Lies about Work (Harvard Business Publishing 2019) and data from the ADP Research Institute&rsquo s 2019 Global Engagement Study Marcus will reveal reliable engagement metrics from around the world and the conditions at work that are most likely to attract and keep talent.

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